large outdoor area with stacked flagstone

Arkins Park Stone offers a variety of sandstone products. From retaining walls to counter-tops; from rip-rap to decorative boulders, we can do it all. Our fabrication shop and quarry can meet the needs of anyone, from the basics for the typical home owner to the large scale needs of commercial contractors.

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Buff Strip – 30-35 sqft per ton

Buff Strip – 30-35 sqft per ton

Available dimensions: 4- 5” wide – 2-8” tall — lengths 18-42”

Buff Jumpers – 4” wide or 8” wide

Available in 4” or 8” wide a jumper refers to heights above the standard range. 8-16 “tall with the same lengths as other strip and drywall.

close up of boulder landscape rock for heavy walls

Buff Boulders/ Landscape blocks/ Heavy wall rock

large stacks of thin veneer stones

Thin Veneer – flats or lineal foot for corners

Available Dimensions: ¾-1¼” wide , 15- 36” long – 2-8” tall – Corners also available.

Flagstone and Stepping Stones (Buff)

Flagstone and Stepping Stones (Buff)

Available cuts:
Thin – ¾”-1¼ “ 120-130 sqft per ton
Med – 1¼”-2¼” – 80-100 sqft per ton
Thick – 2¼”-3¼” –60-70 sqft per ton

Cap Stone

We offer a variety of sizes of cap widths, with random lengths ranging 18-48”.

stacked and wrapped dimensional cut flagstone

Dimensional Cut Flagstone

Natural cleft material cut to the desired dimension of the customer.

wrapped and stacked groups of buff drywall

Buff Drywall – 15-18 sqft per ton

Available dimensions: 8” wide – 2-8” tall – lengths 18-42”

large stacks of buff stained stone

Buff Stained or Natural Strip – 20-25 sqft per ton

Available in 4” or 8“ widths , the Staining refers to the dark edge on the face of the material.

field of landscaping slabs

Landscaping Slabs – available under 50 sqft/pc or for over 50 sqft /pc

sawn surface material

Sawn Surface Material

Various levels of polish, edging, and surface techniques available.

Rip Rap

large mound of h rip rap

H Rip Rap

large mound of l rip rap

L Rip Rap

large mound of m rip rap

M Rip Rap

large mound of vh rip rap

VH Rip Rap

large mound of vl rip rap

VL Rip Rap